Anutone® Acoustics Limited (Anutone® ) is a closely held public limited company incorporated at Bangalore, India in 2001 under Chapter IX of the Indian Companies Act, 1956 by converting a registered partnership firm, SSS Wood Industries, that was in the business of manufacturing woodwool boards since 1982. The founder is Virendra Nath Mittal (27 December 1927 – 28 August 1988) who pioneered the manufacture of woodwool boards in India at Anudyog, Kolkata since 1966.

Business of the Company 

Traditionally, Anutone pioneered acoustical panels, based on magnesia cement, that were used for sound control in cinemas and auditoria in the semi-urban regions of South India. Anutone rapidly evolved to gain acceptance in metro cities and became the default specs for new-age multiplexes across India.

Over the years, advancement in audio visual equipment, other entertainment technologies and the burgeoning transportation sector necessitated development of various types of acoustical products, systems and services that enhance the quality of sound in any built space, not just cinema, including offices, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, airports etc.

In keeping with the trends the company innovated a very wide variety of walls and ceiling systems based on magnesia cement that were used for sound absorption and noise isolation apart from thermal insulation and fire protection to make the built environment a pleasurable experience. Right from acoustical modelling via computer simulation to site validation by objective testing with acoustical instrumentation, Anutone became the only Indian corporate to straddle the entire value-chain.

Anutone® has in recent years developed an international class of non-magnesia and non-acoustic, high-quality but general-purpose, wall and ceiling systems, some in partnership with world’s leading brands that meet the style needs of the contemporary environment and are unique in the market enjoying great response and brand recall from consumers. This continuous innovative streak has strongly differentiated Anutone from others.

Anutone addresses the current needs of the user community of providing complete value-chain solutions from design to installation. This has transformed Anutone® into a one-stop, single source, turnkey corporate for everything in interior surface finish solutions, in terms of walls and ceilings, making it one of its kind from India.

Anutone’s current business is divided into three major verticals – walls/ceilings, acoustics/noise, magnesia/boards.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors boasts of eminent personalities that represent expertise in building materials and noise management.

Mr. Sandeep Mittal, Director, 51, a graduate from Kolkata University , has single-handedly revived the wood wool board industry in India. With great interest and passion to become a leader in the line of activity, Sandeep Mittal then invented many innovative, magnesia-based, acoustical systems that are well received by the market. His recent interests include international trends in factory-finished, lab-certified non-acoustic walls and ceilings for modern interiors.

He founded Soundesigns in 1999, an acoustical consulting firm. His involvement in the research and development of new and improved systems and services in architectural acoustics and noise management has brought him noticeable recognition among the experts in the field. He also founded Sandy Media in 1999 that publishes Theatre World and SoundSolutions, two international publications for the industry. He is a member of many professional associations and forum in the industry.

Mrs. Bindu Mittal, Operations Director, 42, is an engineering graduate from Nagpur University. She has been instrumental in the continuous development of Anutone’s unique management information systems, now based on SAP ERP, and looks after the day-to-day operations of the company since 1998.

Mr. Prabhas Chandra Bansal, Commercial Director, 58, is an engineering graduate from Punjab University . He is based at New Delhi and looks after the commercial activities of the company since 2006.

Mr. G. S. Sethuram, HR Director (part-time), 61 , is an MSW [Master of Social Work with specialisation in HR, Industrial Relations & Labour Laws] and LLB . He looks after the human resources portfolio of the company.

The Management 

Though a closely held public limited company, the management is very professional. The top-tier management is well supported by qualified, experienced, and trained personnel in the Finance, HRD, R&D, Purchase, SCM, Marketing and other vital functions of the company.

Future Outlook

The company offers the complete value-chain of design, supply, build (DSB) services for certified building solutions. This includes consultancy services as part of its systems supply and a future program of onsite installation that makes it a total solution provider distinguishing itself from a product player or just a consulting or contracting firm thereby enjoying enhanced market acceptability and preference.

Moreover the company offers engineered solutions in total interior systems with every kind of surface finish and core content, for every kind of architectural space. This too imparts it with a unique identity and is an important differentiator in the marketplace.

Anutone® is on a fast-track growth path. All fundamentals, internal and external, are strong and favour the company to achieve unprecedented growth. Anutone® is consolidating its position since incorporation in 2001 to leap ahead.

Market Analysis and Prospects 

The Indian economy is one of the fast growing in the world along with China and offers tremendous scope in the field of building solutions for walls/ceilings, acoustics/noise, drywalls/partitions. Even in the current phase of economic downturn while developed countries show negative growth, both India and China continue to expand, albeit at a slower pace.

Drywalls – Since the introduction of Tufbloc magnesia board, Anutone has been catapulted onto the drywall stage. India is at that exciting phase of building construction when it is rapidly transiting from brick/block masonry walls to drywall systems. Almost all commercial construction and gradually residential construction is going to switch over to drywalls which is a huge business opportunity in its own right.

Walls/Ceilings – Since 2001 (coinciding with the year of incorporation of Anutone!), India has been recognized as a valuable investment destination by various international companies. These companies demand world-class infrastructure requirements in which value-added interiors plays a major role. Currently there has been a tremendous growth in quality of infrastructure, particular in the commercial segment that houses retail, software developers, BPOs, call centres, and other IT enabled services. Anutone’s client list boasts of Fortune 500 bluechips that have set shop in India. Click on the ‘References’ tab to know more.

India is one of the largest entertainment markets in the world. Passion for cinema in India has been a cultural highlight. Bollywood and its regional cousins show tremendous potential for growth. During the last few years, there has been an unprecedented demand for entertainment centres and shopping malls including multiplexes. Anutone® has been the major supplier to almost all the multiplexes in India and the company is well positioned to retain its position in this segment.

These changes are spreading to other infrastructure facilities like hotels, hospitals, education, airports etc and for a country as vast as India, the market size is huge. It leaves no room to guess that there is a very good chance for the market growing to higher levels in the next 5 years. All this has been further fuelled by the government allowing FDI in real estate.

Acoustics/Noise – Acoustics is a vast field with wide applications in many areas. There exists, a major market in industrial and environmental noise management.

As infrastructure booms in the country more highways, flyovers, mass transit corridors etc are being built that will need noise barriers in kilometres! Added will be environment noise nuisance issues related to rooftop chiller plants, captive power gensets etc. The per capita GDP will inexorably rise that will result in people’s aspirations for quietness. This will cause public opinion to legislate stronger noise norms (akin to auto emissions) as in Europe, fuelling the need for noise management.

Industries in India acquiring ISO 14001 2004 and/or OHSAS 18001 2007 will compel industries to adopt noise norms resembling that of current industries in the developed countries. With the emergence of SEZs there will be a boom in manufacturing and FDI will result in high-quality, high-class companies setting up facilities. Again they will demand international standards for noise management. Anutone is one of the unique companies to offer both passive and active noise/vibration control systems as optimal solutions.

Marketing Infrastructure

The marketing team of Anutone® is professional and well-structured that can efficiently generate business and results to the company. The co-ordination cell is based at the Corporate Office at Bengaluru. This controls the marketing management of the team that is located in three regional offices at Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, representatives and dealers in other cities and the export markets. All the offices are well equipped with IT infrastructure and connectivity. All team members are qualified and experienced with a similar industry background. The team is an ideal blend of youth, experience and technical capability.

Though necessary infrastructure in terms of manpower, training, promotion have already been made in these areas, as a matter of continuous process, Anutone® , expends a lot in its marketing activities. The company often conducts seminars, attends seminars conducted by others, and promotes its systems and services through newsletters etc both in India and overseas.

Other Special Features

•  An ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company. Applying for OSHAS 18001.
•  Only quality value-chain provider of unique systems in the organized sector.
•  Enjoys excellent goodwill among consumers and facilitators.
•  Enjoys excellent rating with its bankers – ING Vysya Bank.
•  More than 50% of the employees serving the company for 5 years.


Anutone® is at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. Invest in Anutone®. Join the leader and reap the benefits! For investment opportunities contact Mr. PC Bansal, Commercial Director,

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