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Solutions for Malls


Acoustical Walls / Ceiling requirements for modern shopping malls and department stores are getting more complex which is a challenge for architects to meet specific requirements of large projects. Anutone works closely with architects, right from the concept stage to site handover, to realise Acoustical Walls / Ceilings that truly perform! Anutone deploys solutions for mall Acoustical Walls / Ceilings.



Anutone solution team interacts with the project ecosystem through the process. Each space within a mall development is micro-assessed for its requirements of form and function, right from aesthetics to acoustics, fire codes, light reflectance, green building requirements etc. These requirements are precisely matched with Anutone’s vast array of Acoustical Walls / Ceiling systems.



Anutone’s portfolio of Acoustical Walls / Ceiling systems is so vast that it possibly fulfils every need of the ecosystem. From fine textures to metals, from microperfs to vinyls, from mineral fibre to naturals all in standard, large or plank format. What is more, Anutone can deliver Acoustical Walls / Ceiling panels in shapes and curves apart from floats and clouds.

The vast array of Acoustical Walls / Ceiling system is matched with supporting components and accessories that include perimeter trims, transitions, bulkheads, bandrasters etc. Engineering solutions are provided for large span Acoustical Walls / Ceilings below wideaspect ducting, special luminaries, Acoustical Walls / Ceiling junctions with glazing mullions and HVAC pockets, multi-level and multiproduct Acoustical Walls / Ceilings etc.



Custom is standard at Anutone! Acoustical Walls / Ceiling systems as visualised by the architect including radial, trapezoidal, curves or other seemingly impossible designs are delivered in lab-certified, factory-finished state by Anutone enabling a top-quality install with near-zero snag list and hence quick project turnaround. The walk through below shows how to achieve the best of Acoustical Walls / Ceilings for your mall.

Suite – Value Proposition

Anutone’s solutions for mall ceilings provides benefits to all the stakeholders of the ecosystem. Here is how:

Striking visualsArchitect
Quiet interiorsAcoustical Consultant
Lightweight add-onStructural Consultant
Environment friendlyGreen Consultant
Daylight viewsLighting Consultant
Corporate brandingSignage Consultant
Thermal comfortHVAC Consultant
Fire ratingInsurance
Snag-free installContractor
Easy integrationOther Vendors
Quick project turnaroundProject Manager
Easy maintenanceFacility Manager
Economical, asset appreciationDeveloper
Footfalls magnetizerTenant
Pleasant experienceShopper

A snapshot of our portfolio. Click thumbnail for a larger view


Specification Drawings (click image)


The grid below helps you identify the right product for the right area.


AreaDrywalls - Corridor wallDrywalls - Demising wallCeilingsPanelling
Entrance / LobbyNANAPixel Taper/ Tufbloc Plaster CeilingNA
Shopping UnitSystem 82SSystem 86SSubtex NubbySubtext NRC
F&B /SittingSystem 92S, 82SAstral Lay-inSubtex KLH
Health ClubSystem 92SSystem 92SPrimary - Tufbloc Secondary - Pixel TaperSubtex KLH
Night ClubSystem 128SSystem 128SPrimary - Tufbloc Secondary - StrandSlats
Dancing FloorNASystem 128SPixel TaperNA
Kids EntertainmentNANASlatsNA
AtriumNANAStrand BafflesNA
Multiplex ScreenSystem 92SSystem 128SSubtex Ebony/Pixel Taper, Tufbloc EbonyStrand Ebony, Slats
Cinema BoxOfficeNASystem 92SSisoliSubtex KLH
Multiplex CorridorNANAPixel Taper/TufblocNA
AHU RoomNASystem 92SAstral Lay-inStrand
Mechanical RoomSystem 92SSystem 92SAstral Lay-inStrand
KitchenNASystem 92STufbloc VinNA
ToiletsSystem 92SSystem 92SAstral Lay-inNA


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