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We are well-known for acoustics due to a successful track record of delivering projects that perform right, the first time and every time. From needs assessment to concept design to computer modelling to product supply to project management to validation of site with objective testing, Anutone straddles the value-chain.

Acoustics Heritage

Acoustics is in our DNA! Acoustics is built into whatever we do. For more than a decade, Anutone has pioneered an acoustics revolution in Indida. Anutone goes beyond single values of NRC, STC to frequency spectrum that ensures perfect harmony of sound.

Anutone is one of the rare private sector companies to invest in state-of-the-art computer modelling with auralisation, acoustical testing laboratories and site measurement instrumentation from Bruel & Kjaer, Denmark. Both pre- and post-install measurements can be undertaken for an objective validation of built spaces to design criteria.

Design Solutions

Anutone provides innovative design solutions for walls and ceilings with an emphasis on architectural acoustics, audio-visual and noise/vibration that ensures building interiors not only look good but sound great. This is big plus to design communities and the building ecosystem since end-users appreciate such spaces better. It pays to start from concept stage with Anutone for the project specifications!

Project Management

Anutone's marketing team is also a quasi project management team that ensure projects are handheld from inception to completion. Shop drawings, Bill of Quantities, Budgetary Estimates are part of the process. Anutone guides contractors on best install practices that minimises snag-lists and ensures swift handover. Product sale is incidental to all this.

Proven Player

Reliability and reproducibility stem from a tradition that is nearing 50 years ... since 1966. That makes Anutone a serious, long-term player in the walls and ceilings market. Anutone is tried, tested, proven - our successful track record is testimony.

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