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Anutone® is India’s foremost company in the speciality building materials sector for wellness interiors with drywalls, ceilings, panelling … all with acoustics built-in. Anutone has advanced, innovative, application-oriented, techno-commercially superior products, systems, solutions and services based on American standards & Euro norms for Asian conditions at Indian values!

Anutone serves the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential buildings market. It meets project needs through design, supply, build, service solutions. Together these interior finishing solutions form a complete value-chain that comes from a one-stop, single-source company that result in intelligent spaces enabled by smart architecture.

Once the raw space is ready Anutone sequentially serves the need for drywall partitions, false ceilings and wall panelling. Acoustics is our heritage, our legacy and hence is automatically considered to ensure interiors are quiet.


First comes the drywalls. Anutone provides solutions for sustainable drywalls used in internal partitions of buildings.Anutone has introducedthe latest generation of drywalls in the market – Tufbloc magnesia drywalls. These are complete, certified systems that sport a Studdmetal frame, Synth polyfibre infill and Tublocmagnesia boards. Tufbloc magnesia drywalls are lightweight, fast, dry and sustainable mode of construction. Being paperless but glassfibre reinforced, they have the highest ratings against water, fire, impact apart from being able to directly take the load of wall hangings like LCD televisions, AC units etc.


Then come the ceilings. Anutone´s principal body of work relates to commercial interiors with an emphasis on ceilings. Ceilings is all about factory-finished, lab-certified interior systems with every kind of surface finish and core content for any kind of architectural space. Not only that. Anutone can customise the factory-finished products for bespoke designs. This is the USP of Anutone.


And then the wall panelling. Like ceilings, Anutone offers matching, contrasting or a combination of wall panels to ensure a unified approach to the business of interior finishing solutions. Anutone has one of the widest range of wall panels to suit any design requirements or functional performance. What is more Anutone has acoustical panels that mimic wall graphics to ensure continuity and avoid adjacency issues.


And what about our middle name? From acoustics modelling and computer simulation with Bruel&Kjaer’sOdeon (that aid architects in their quest for perfect design including listening to spaces even before they are built) to validation of sites with Bruel&Kjaer’s acoustic instrumentation, Anutone straddles the acoustics value-chain end-to-end.

Anutone deciphers project needs and delivers total solutions through validated processes that ensure high fidelity between design intent and project reality resulting in maximum stakeholder value.

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