The Company


Anutone® is India’s foremost company in the speciality building materials sector. Anutone serves the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential buildings market. It meets project needs through design, supply, build, service solutions.



The Products


Anutone’s product segment includes drywalls, ceilings, paneling, flooring… all with acoustics built-in, and also various accessories related to these.


The Applications



The Applications spread across multiple segments from office, to corporate, government to private spaces. Check the grid below this slider, for twelve such segments. Our services can virtually be applied to almost any decor or human interaction.



Applications in Professional Workspaces


The Cornerstone of Business


You want it calm and clean


Elegance and visuals differentiate

Public Spaces

Functionality and serenity rule

Applications in Entertainment Arenas


Experience and ambience counts


Acoustics at its peak


Elegance and visuals and audio


The weekend socializing

Applications in Capability and Personal Spaces


The hi-tech class rooms


Arenas for endurance testing


Pray and meditate in peace

Small Venues

Home Theatres and Studios
for your hobbies / passion

Product Segments


Anutone provides solutions with Tufbloc drywall systems that sport a metal frame, polyfibre infill and magnesia boards as skins. They boast very high ratings for water, fire, sound & impact resistance.


Ceilings cover overhead utilities and provide necessary performance to Drywalls. Anutone provides ceilings with virtually any surface finish, any core material. We finish the surfaces from top to bottom.


Paneling leads to the overall aesthetics to rooms, receptions and other areas. Anutone’s offerings cover all types of applications from personal to professional, government to corporate to home users.


Acoustics is built into whatever we do. Anutone has pioneered an acoustics revolution and goes beyond single values of NRC, STC to frequency spectrum that ensures perfect harmony of sound.

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